What is this new retro-shooter game?

Well first thing first it seems this 8-bit retro games hype never cool down, it kinda swamps the market but in some stances it can actually make the game look artistically good; Axiom verge being a good example or you get the feeling they run out of ideas and just tag along the hype train to earn a few quick bucks.

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Well I use it to post my highlights from my Twitch streams, the Bloopers and WTF’s? are the “funny” one (depends on what you find funny).

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Top 5 Christmas Movies


Christmas Is back..again! and that means lots of good food, family, friends and some well deserved holiday for the working class heroes out there.

In Norway, we watch “Three wishes for Cinderella” and “Flaaklypa Grand Prix” amongst others to get the Christmas feeling.
They are both great movies, and a part of our tradition. However they will not make my top 5 list.
Here we go with 5 Christmas movies you have to see, counting down from 5 to 1 :

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